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Garage doors aren’t only functional, but they’re also integral elements of home design. Just like different home design trends become popular, garage door trends also change over time. 

From the latest door colors to the hottest door styles, staying aware of what’s trending can help you to get the best value out of your garage door makeover or new door installation. Below are the top trends that you should be aware of in 2021. 

Energy-Efficient Garage Doors

As more homeowners go green, the popularity of energy-efficient garage doors increases. These doors can help to regulate temperatures within your garage, saving you on heating and cooling costs. They’re particularly beneficial when you have living space above the garage since regulating the temperatures in the garage can make it easier to regulate the temperatures within the living space.

Energy-efficient doors are typically double- or triple-layered, providing maximum insulation and thermal efficiency. While these doors require a higher initial investment, they can pay off with energy savings in future years.

Refined and Sophisticated Colors

Certain garage door colors are currently trending. Black is always a good choice, and it tends to wear well without fading. Grey is also highly popular, and this neutral tone is a versatile option that will work for most homes. Grey and brown are also neutral choices that can complement your home’s trim and main colors.

While these colors may be popular, it’s important to choose the door that’s right for your home. Coordinating your garage door color with your home’s exterior colors can enhance your home’s curb appeal. When you buy a quality garage door, it will last for decades, so choose one in a color that you like. 

garage door

New Garage Door Styles

Certain design trends are highly popular right now, and it’s likely that we’ll see more of those trends in 2021. Garage door design currently includes more glass garage doors, solid wood doors, and carriage house doors. 

Glass garage doors are becoming popular for their visual appeal. They bring natural light into a workspace or living space, making rooms feel larger. 

Both solid wood and carriage house garage doors add distinctive style. Wood garage doors are strong, elegant, and highly popular. These real wood doors are also high-maintenance. Carriage doors, which look like barn doors, are more rustic and can add real charm to a house. 

Steel garage doors offer a significant advantage when it comes to durability and maintenance. These doors are practical choices for most homeowners, providing optimal strength while also creating an appealing aesthetic. Fiberglass, aluminum, steel door, and faux wood options can also give homeowners the look of natural wood without the maintenance or cost that comes with it.


Contemporary Designs

As homes become more sleek and sophisticated, we’ll see garage doors adopt a more contemporary style, too. Expect to see more modern garage doors with clean lines and unique accents like handles and windows. Cutting-edge home designs will be reflected in garage doors with an equally modern style. 

Smart Garage Door Openers

With Wi-Fi technology, you can control everything in your home from the lights to your security system. Now, you can also control your garage doors. 

Smart garage door systems are becoming more popular, and with good reason. You can check on and operate the door from anywhere, and receive alerts when the door is open. A smart garage door provides increased security and improved peace of mind. 

Upgrading Your Garage Door

As you decide on your home improvement projects for this year, don’t forget to upgrade your garage door. A new door provides increased security, but it can also improve your home’s curb appeal and overall value, too. These doors are important exterior design elements, and their functionality makes your daily life easier and can even enhance your landscaping. 

Whether you’re ready to upgrade your garage door or need garage door repair, contact Thompson Garage Doors & Building Supply today. We offer 24-hour, 7-day per week, 365-days-a-year garage door services to keep your garage doors functioning properly. We also offer a wide selection of residential and commercial doors, so we can help you to upgrade your home to reflect the newest trends, boosting its value in the process.