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Your residential garage door isn’t just another piece of mechanical equipment on your house; it’s the gateway to your home. It’s the last thing you see when you leave for the day and the first thing you see to welcome you home when you return. 

If your garage door has become worn in some way, it can be an eyesore. If it’s become damaged, it can affect your ability to easily get in and out of your garage. In either of these cases, it might be time to replace one or more of your garage door panels. 

Let’s explore why this might be necessary, and how to go about it.

Should you replace a panel(s) or the entire garage door?

The answer to this question completely depends on the current state of your garage door. With your door closed, take a visual survey of its condition from both the inside and the outside.

If the entire door is badly worn, faded in an unsightly manner, heavily damaged, or completely non-functional, you may have to get the whole garage door replaced. 

However, in many cases, the wear or damage is localized to a specific area or two. That means you’ll likely be able to get the damaged garage door panel(s) replaced instead of the entire door itself. Getting individual garage door sections replaced is generally much more cost-effective than getting a completely new door.

In some cases, however, getting a single garage door replaced entirely is the right choice. If integral, structural components of the door are irreparably damaged, a whole new door might be in order. Or, if you decide you’d rather invest in a higher-quality door that will look beautiful and last longer, you might choose to scrap your old door and get a new one. 

In this case, we invite you to visit our showroom to find the best garage door for your house.

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What are some warning signs that indicate panels should be replaced?

Here are some of the most common warning signs we see that indicate that garage door panel replacement might be necessary: 

  • Sagging wood
  • Splintered wood
  • Gaps between panels, between the door and the ground, or between the door and the sidewalls of the garage
  • Extremely faded color
  • Significant dings or dents
  • Inefficient opening or closing; getting stuck

In the best-case scenario, the replacement of just a single panel might do the trick to fix your issue. Or, you might simply need new garage door hardware or other garage door parts if it’s a functionality problem. Only in cases of extreme wear or damage is an entirely new door usually necessary.

How do garage door panels get damaged?

Though most people use their garage doors every day, regular wear and tear isn’t typically the culprit for damaged panels. Garage doors and garage door hardware are built to last for years. 

Instead, panels that need replacing have often suffered some sort of direct assault. This type of damage—enough to affect the aesthetics or functioning of the door—might come from a car-related impact. If a car backs into the door while it’s fully or partially closed, a dent will likely be the result. Objects that are left in the door’s path when it closes can also be at fault, especially if it’s the bottom section that’s in need of repair. If a bicycle, trash can, or other large object obstructs the door’s closing, damage can result as well.

The impact of the aforementioned events can cause localized harm to garage door sections, but there is another type of damage that can lead to the need for replacement. Garage doors separate the inside of your garage from the elements, which means they can suffer significant wear over time from weathering. 

A wood garage door especially can be prone to color fading from the sun, and cracking or sagging from long-term exposure to heavy moisture. Again, if this damage is fairly localized, you can get by with the more cost-effective solution of just replacing a panel or two instead of the entire door.

What’s the next step if your garage door panels need to be replaced?

DIY panel replacement isn’t recommended for the average homeowner. The task can be frustrating, time-consuming, and even dangerous for someone who doesn’t have the proper training. Plus, if the new panel doesn’t fit perfectly with the existing panels, it could render your entire door non-functional. 

An experienced garage-door specialist can also ensure that the final product looks aesthetically pleasing, which is important for homeowners who prioritize curb appeal. They can make sure the new panels match the old ones in color and sheen, which is difficult or even impossible for an amateur to get right. 

Professionals like the ones at Thompson Garage Doors can also perform a thorough inspection to make sure there’s no other part of the door that needs fixing. They can check your garage door springs and even components like your keypad or garage door opener to ensure they’re in good working order, too. That way, they’ll leave you with doors that will be functional and nice-looking for years to come. 

Ready to get your garage door panels replaced?

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