Garage doors can become temperamental between 10-15 years. Depending on the situation, repairing your garage door opener or obtaining a new garage door opener may be the less expensive option. However, knowing when to replace your opener is important, as it could save you money in the long run. A few examples of when to repair your opener include:

  • When it’s relatively new, but it’s malfunctioning
  • If it’s still under warranty
  • If the repair doesn’t exceed $300
  • If it wasn’t properly installed
  • If you’re looking for upgraded features

It comes down to personal choice and budget. Getting in touch with a highly trained garage door opener repair service is highly advised to avoid going with a simple fix that ends up costing you more down the road. Sometimes you’ll be looking at a quick tune up, and other times you might be looking at getting in touch with a Liftmaster garage door specialist for next day service. Home improvement is a journey, and you should aim to make it a pleasant one.