First and foremost, a very clear sign that your garage door opener needs to be repaired is if your garage door acts like it has a mind of its own. Whether opening and closing or reversing suddenly halfway through opening or closing, both can indicate electrical issues that may be repairable and require a new opener to be installed.

Another sign your door requires a repair is unusual sounds from your garage door opener. Garage door openers make some noise when opening and closing the door. However, you should pay attention to those sounds so that when an unusual sound arises, for example, if the sounds get much louder, you can inspect it immediately and prevent serious accidents, like your garage door falling.

Possibly the most obvious sign of trouble with your garage door opener is its sporadic response when you try to open or close your door. However, as mentioned earlier, some simple solutions will likely solve the problem, like changing the battery in your remote. On the other hand, if you have tried troubleshooting the problem and your garage door still doesn’t work properly, it may be time to replace it.