Your home is an extension of yourself. Even if you didn’t build your home from the ground up, there are plenty of opportunities to customize it to your liking. When you focus on your home designs, starting with the doors, it will become something you can be proud of. Chances are, you’ll plan more dinner parties so you can show off your new dining room doors.

Updating the interior doors to your home can give it a refreshing remodel without having to hire a contractor. An average home has 14 interior doors. That gives you 14 ways to give your house the easy renovation it deserves.

By updating your closet doors, the doors to the rooms and bathrooms, and the doors to your pantry in the kitchen, your home will look more modern and give it an entirely new look. There are many types of doors to choose from. Thompson Garage Doors has a multitude of different door designs and door styles available to see and feel in our showroom. Our different options to consider are listed out below:


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Reno Residential Interior and Exterior Doors
Entry Door

Your front door should not be an afterthought. Not only does it make an impression from the street, enhancing curb appeal, but it also sets the tone for the rest of the home’s interior. An entry door should be architecturally poignant, yet pract…

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French doors are often paneled with glass. Glass doors are best for dining rooms or kitchens as you can see through them unless you opt for frosted glass. Interior French doors can be single doors or double which can add to the overall appearance …

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Classic, sturdy and elegant, interior wood doors provide beauty in any home. At Thompson Garage Doors, we offer a variety of finishes from Red Cedar to Rustic Oak, plus exotic hardwoods like Jatoba and special cut Quarter Sawn Oak to give your hom…

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Glass doors in the home can do wonders for a space. Glass can bring in natural light and make the room feel bigger. It also lends an artistic feel. Homeowners can decide to customize the glass by adding decorative etching, frosted panes, stained g…

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Interior Barn Door

Classic barn doors inside the home can transform a space into a rustic masterpiece. An interior sliding barn door can take the place of bathroom, pantry, laundry room, or closet doors or act as a partition or room divider for a large space like a …

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A home is filled with doors, but in the grand scheme of construction, door styles tend to be an afterthought. They shouldn’t be! The doors in your home should be high-quality, detailed, and beautiful. They should still be practical, as they fulf…

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Sometimes your home needs a little extra protection. Whether it is from the elements or from intruders, security or storm doors may be necessary to guard your home’s contents.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are great for conserving space, but that doesn’t mean style should be compromised! A pocket door slides into the wall which means it doesn’t need a large area on each side to swing like a traditional hinged door, often saving as m…

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Bifold Door Icon

Bifold doors are great options for small spaces. Instead of swinging out like traditional doors, bifold doors fold into themselves which allows for the door to open and close laterally. Bifold doors are perfect for closet doors, pantry doors, and …

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Our door installation experts at Thompson Doors can help suggest different door styles that will be best for your home decor. Furthermore, we provide all the interior door hardware to complete the doorways to your humble abode. Hardware we carry is below:

  • interior door knobs
  • door hinges
  • barn door hardware
  • shims
  • moulding and more

Interior Door Showroom

We have a large selection of interior doors in our showroom ready for you to see and feel. It’s time to start planning your home’s door update. We carry doors from the best in the industry including Rogue Valley Door and Simpson Door Company.

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