Garage Door Trends to Keep on Your 2024 Radar

Garage Door Trends to Keep on Your 2024 Radar

Garage doors aren’t only functional, but they’re also integral elements of home design. Since they cover a pretty big chunk of your real estate, you’d likely prefer aesthetic options over boring builder-grade choices.

Just like different home design trends become popular, garage door design trends also change over time. From the latest door colors to the hottest door styles, staying aware of what’s trending can help you get the best value out of your garage door makeover or new door installation. Here are the latest trends in garage doors to inspire you in 2024.

Table Of Content

1. Better Security
2. Energy-Efficient Garage Doors
3. Smart-Tech Garage Doors
4. Bold Colors
5. Two-Tone Excellence in Contemporary Garage Doors
6. New Garage Door Styles
7. Experiment with an Industrial Style
8. Contemporary Garage Doors
9. Overhead Designs
10. Glass Windows for a Stylish Update
11. Upgrading Your Garage Door

Better Security

Security is a huge concern for homeowners in 2024. As per a report in December 2023, at least 39 million U.S. households are protected by alarm systems, and nearly 45 million households have video doorbell components.

Garage doors are stepping up their game with advanced security features, such as biometric access control. Imagine a garage door that only opens with your fingerprint. You can use it to ensure only the right people have access to your home.

Smart cameras will also become integral to garage door trends in 2024. These cameras can be strategically positioned to monitor the entirety of your garage’s exterior, sending real-time footage to your smartphone or other devices.

Energy-Efficient Garage Doors

As more homeowners go green, the popularity of energy-efficient garage doors increases. These doors can help to regulate temperatures within your garage, saving you on heating and cooling costs. They’re particularly beneficial when you have living space above the garage since regulating the temperatures in the garage can make it easier to regulate the temperatures within the living space.

Energy-efficient doors are typically double- or triple-layered, providing maximum insulation and thermal efficiency. While these doors require a higher initial investment, they can pay off with energy savings in future years.

Garage Goals: Stay Ahead with the Latest Trends!

Smart-Tech Garage Doors

Smart technology is gaining traction as homeowners seek additional convenience and safety. This is probably why smart-tech garage doors are set to take center stage in 2024.

Smart-tech garage doors can be controlled remotely from your smartphone, so you can forget about fumbling for the remote. You can also get notifications when someone opens or closes the door.

Furthermore, you can sync up your garage door with your virtual assistant, smart lights, and security system to create an integrated smart home. What’s not to love about that?

Bold Colors

Say goodbye to neutral garage doors! Instead, you could opt for vibrant and bold colors in 2024. Think deep blues, moody grays, and forest greens. Your garage door doesn’t have to blend into the background anymore. It can be the star of the show and add a dash of personality to your home.

Also, adding a few coats of paint can be a much more affordable way to adopt the latest trends in garage doors. You can explore various finishes like faux wood grain, metallic hues, and textured surfaces to brighten up your home this year.

While these colors may be popular, it’s important to choose the door that’s right for your home. Coordinating your garage door color with your home’s exterior colors can enhance your home’s curb appeal. When you buy a quality garage door, it will last for decades, so choose one in a color that you like.

Two-Tone Excellence in Contemporary Garage Doors  

Can’t decide between two colors? Why not get both? There’s no better way to make your home pop than with a high color contrast. No matter what style garage door you choose, a two-tone color combination can make it stand out sensationally.

For example, dark gray and natural wood is a fantastic color mix. Install dark gray columns along a wooden garage door to add a pop of warm contrast.

Upgrade Your Style – Embrace the Latest Garage Door Trends Now!

New Garage Door Styles  

Certain design trends are highly popular right now, and we’ll likely see more of those trends in 2021. Garage door design currently includes more glass garage doors, solid wood doors, and carriage house doors.

Both solid wood and carriage house garage doors add distinctive style. Wood garage doors are strong, elegant, and highly popular. These real wood doors are also high maintenance. Carriage doors, which look like barn doors, are more rustic and can add real charm to a house.

Steel garage doors offer a significant advantage when it comes to durability and maintenance. These doors are practical choices for most homeowners, providing optimal strength while also creating an appealing aesthetic. Fiberglass, aluminum, steel doors, and faux wood options can also give homeowners the look of natural wood without the maintenance or cost that comes with it.

Experiment with an Industrial Style  

An industrial-style interior door to a garage with muted colors and simple materials might just be our favorite garage door trend this year. Industrial garage doors can remind you of a warehouse or other non-descript setting. But in a residential context, they’re best when you want something simple and no-nonsense.

Industrial garage doors are often low on frills. For materials, you can choose from metallic options like steel and aluminum. We recommend aluminum because it’s light and weather-resistant.

Get metal gel stains to imbue your door with an earthy hue. It’s a great way to maintain the neutral aesthetic- but with just a hint of color.

If you’re looking for something ultra-sophisticated, consider a flush-mount design that blends with the walls on either side. These are perfect for minimalistic homes that thrive on low-key designs.

Contemporary Garage Doors  

Contemporary designs continue to steal the scene in 2024. Contemporary garage doors boast the perfect blend of style and functionality, catering to homeowners who prefer a modern aesthetic.

Characterized by clean lines, large glass panels, and innovative materials, contemporary garage doors are redefining the way we perceive garage aesthetics. The emphasis is on simplicity, with a focus on blending the garage with the home’s overall aesthetic.

Modernize Your Garage – Upgrage Garage Door Now!

Overhead Designs

Another garage door design trend in 2024 is the growing popularity of overhead door designs. Homeowners are leaning towards sleek, minimalist overhead doors that maximize space utilization. The era of bulky garage doors is giving way to streamlined designs that complement modern architectural styles.

Overhead door designs come with a range of innovative features, including smart technology integration, noise reduction mechanisms, and enhanced insulation. After all, who said garage doors can’t be both functional and stylish?

Glass Windows for a Stylish Update  

In case you don’t want a wall-to-wall glass garage door (or you have young kids who like playing outside), consider adding touches of glass instead.

Glass windows are easy to change when you get tired of a particular style or want to move on to the next trending garage door. And they go with just about any garage door material- including vinyl.

We recommend you pick long, horizontal windows to elongate the space your garage door occupies. Alternatively, shorter windows can help create a more intricate design.

A few glass panes lining the top of your garage door can tie it in with the rest of your home. They also soften the appearance of your garage, so it’s not the first thing visitors fixate on when they pull up to your home.

Upgrading Your Garage Door

As you decide on your home improvement projects for this year, don’t forget to upgrade your garage door. A new door provides increased security, but it can also improve your home’s curb appeal and overall value, too. These doors are important exterior design elements, and their functionality makes your daily life easier and can even enhance your landscaping.   

Whether you’re ready to upgrade your garage door or need garage door repair, contact Thompson Garage Doors today. We offer 24-hour, 7-day per week, 365-day-a-year garage door services to keep your garage doors functioning properly. We also offer a wide selection of residential and commercial doors, so we can help you upgrade your home to reflect the newest trends, boosting its value in the process.