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Custom Garage Doors

Thompson Garage Doors can customize any door you need with our in-house machine shop. Our experienced technicians can determine your exact specifications and custom manufacture the door or parts you need accurately, efficiently and in your budget.

To have a home that stands out on the block is important to many homeowners. While enticing landscape, a new coat of paint, or interesting architecture may do the trick, custom garage doors are sure to turn heads.

Imagine a home that is seemingly normal, one that blends in with its neighbors, except for the garage doors. They are custom-made, never seen before, and make the home the envy of the neighborhood. Garage doors may seem like an afterthought on a home, but they make a huge difference in the overall look.

While custom wood garage doors are most popular, they can be made with any type of material. They can also be cut to any size. Custom garage door sizes can range from tall and thin to short and rounded. The beauty of custom size garage doors is that they can fit any design you and your architect can imagine.

To further accentuate your doors, consider adding precious metals like copper or brass, or glass as design inlays. The doors can be painted or stained any color that matches the exterior of your home, or it can stand out as a bold attachment.

Custom garage doors can be made with the following materials:

  • Hardwood: custom wood garage doors can be made with any type of hardwood including mahogany, oak, chestnut, cherry, elm, maple, and more. Hardwoods show grain well, especially with the right stain or paint.
  • Vinyl: this material is made of a type of plastic which is resistant to moisture and humidity, and therefore, rust. Vinyl garage doors are also very lightweight which makes them great for roll-up doors, slab swing-up doors, or swing-out carriage doors.
  • Composite wood: composite wood is made up of recycled materials, plastic, and scrap wood such as sawdust, wood chips, and wood fiber pieces.

Different types of garages that can benefit from custom garage doors include:

  • Swing-up: these doors are often solid slabs that swing straight up. The doors can be paneled or solid, flush or ribbed. They can be mechanized with a garage door opener or can be opened manually.
  • Roll-up: these doors are the most common type of modern garage door. These are often paneled and can be made with any material.
  • Swing-out: these are typically carriage-style doors that swing out to let cars in. Barn doors look exceptional for swing-out garage doors.
  • Side-sliding: these doors slide to the side to open up the garage. They are also often solid pieces of material.

Styles of homes that are well suited for custom garage doors include:

  • Mid-century Modern: these homes are usually one story with flat roofs and geometric lines. Made famous by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, mid-century homes blend well with their surroundings and are symbiotic with the natural environment.
  • Craftsman: homes began being built in the craftsman style in the early 20th century. These homes have angular lines and overhanging eaves, large, covered front porches with pillars, and double-hanging windows. The interiors feature breakfast nooks, prominent fireplaces, and lots of built-in storage. Also called bungalows, craftsman homes are small but functional.
  • Contemporary: contemporary homes are modern homes, meaning that the architecture varies. Like mid-century homes, though, they often blend in with their surroundings, using natural light and sustainable resources.

A custom garage door will add curb appeal to your home, making it something you can be even more proud of. Updating your garage is also an easy remodel to increase the value of your home. In fact, according to the Remodeling 2018 Cost vs. Value Report, by replacing garage doors, 98.3% of the cost is returned. To compare, a master suite addition provided a 48.3% return.

At Thompson Garage Doors, we have the capability to customize any door you need with our in-house machine shop. Our experienced technicians can determine your exact specifications and custom manufacture the door or parts you need accurately, efficiently, and in your budget. We can make any custom size garage doors and accentuate them with the necessary hardware and furnishings.

Furthermore, our vendors Martin Garage Door and Amarr have a variety of custom-made garage doors to choose from. Both these companies are leaders in the garage door industry and provide us with unique, quality doors.

Thompson Garage Doors has been efficiently serving customers in the northern Nevada and northern California regions since 1957. We take pride in our work and our doors, providing our customers with the safest, highest-quality, and aesthetically-pleasing garage doors. We work well with everyone who walks in our showroom to give them exactly what they imagine and within their budget. Give us a call or visit our showroom at:

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