Speed Doors

Speed Door

Thompson Garage Doors has one of the largest inventories of commercial doors in Northern Nevada. If a specific application calls for a specialized door that doesn’t quite fit one of our standard models, our highly skilled product team can customize one to fit your needs.

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Industrial high-speed or high-cycle doors must be durable and efficient. As a door that sees high traffic at a loading dock or service area, it must be heavy-duty and able to withstand dents, scratches, and accidental collisions without compromise. 

A service roll-up door will be opened and closed thousands of times; efficiency and high opening speeds are required. That’s why we only carry high-performance brands and make sure to service your industry door when you need it. 

Our rolling doors are engineered to work efficiently, keeping the elements and extreme environments out and your space temperature controlled. For example, if your business has a cold storage space then you’ll want an industrial door with tight seals, keeping food, drinks, and pharmaceuticals at the ideal temperature and free from contaminants while keeping energy costs down!

Our low-maintenance, high-performance doors are built with durability and efficiency in mind. With the necessary safety features like emergency stops and reverse capability, you can rest assured that your service area will run smoothly and accident-free. 

High-Speed Doors come in three materials:

  • High-Speed Metal Doors
  • High-Speed Rubber Doors