Interior Doors

A home is filled with doors, but in the grand scheme of construction, door styles tend to be an afterthought. They shouldn’t be! The doors in your home should be high-quality, detailed, and beautiful. They should still be practical, as they fulfill a specific need in a home, but their design can represent a home’s overall impression.

Your interior doors are the doors that lead to bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, garages, and more. Depending on the decor of your home, you’ll likely want them all to match. A good place to start is your entry door and exterior doors. They set the tone of the home’s design. Interior doors can then accentuate the front door and exterior doors or perhaps match the material or overall characteristics.

Interior doors can include French doors to the kitchen and pantry; panel doors, bifold doors, accordion doors, slab doors, and pocket doors for dining rooms and living rooms; interior barn doors or double doors for master bedrooms; and traditional doors for bathrooms, closet doors, and bedrooms.

Interior doors can be made from a variety of materials including solid wood, knotty alder, and other wood species. They can include frosted glass or other glass options, different style panel squares, and other decorative features to make the door stand out.

A homeowner can choose from fire-rated doors for ultimate protection and ready-to-paint doors if they want full ability to customize with colors in the home. They are also able to choose between solid core and hollow core depending on the need for sound obstruction. For example, bathroom doors, bedroom doors, and doors that lead to the garage likely require more protection from noise which means they should be solid core. Doors that lead to pantries or closets can be hollow core and still do the job well.

Our experts at Thompson Garage Doors can install prehung doors to ensure proper measurement for door installation, determine the correct amount of swing, and include appropriate door hardware. Visit our showroom today to peruse our interior door options. The perfect door is waiting for you!

Interior Design Styles

Interior designs can be flush, single-paneled, or have multiple panels made with different materials like glass. Popular options include:

6-panel doors
3-panel doors
2-panel round tops

Louver doors are another type of interior residential doors. These are generally bifold doors with small wooden slats which make them popular for closets or pantries.

Hollow Core

Hollow core interior doors are simply two panels with no particle in between. These doors are lighter weight and do not block sound as well as solid doors. Hollow core doors are best for rooms that don’t need to be quiet such as pantries or closets.

Solid Core

Solid core doors have an extra particle layer to help block sound. These doors are heavier but are best for loud rooms such as laundry rooms. Solid core doors also help block outside noise and many homeowners choose solid doors for their garage doors, office doors, bathroom doors, and bedroom doors. Another popular option is solid wood doors. These doors are more expensive but they transform a hallway or foyer. You can’t beat the look of real wood!

Craftsman Doors

Craftsman doors belong in a traditional craftsman-style home. They can range in color but are generally white. They can be hollow core or solid core depending on the level of sound control you want for each room.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors fold into themselves, making them perfect for closet or pantry doors. They come in many different colors, textures, and styles to customize your home the way you imagine. Want red doors in your kitchen to draw the eye and make it pop in an all-white kitchen? We think that’s a great idea.