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Warm. Natural. Beautiful. Wooden garage doors add a touch of elegance to a distinctive architectural focus. Whether you prefer the rustic beauty of classic wood carriage house doors, the inspired designs of the Ranch House and Hörmann, or your one-of-a-kind masterpiece, Thompson Garage Doors carries a large supply of wood doors that will add individual beauty to your home.

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There’s something about real wood that is difficult to replicate. True wood stands for artistry, for tradition, and it represents a certain style of home. Wooden garage doors can complement any type of home, bringing a particular elegance to curb appeal. Wood is natural, it provides a warm hue to the home, and it’s the original building material. Here’s why real wood garage doors might be the best choice for your home.

The beauty of wooden garage doors is that they truly match any style of home. Imagine a mid-century style home with dark mahogany garage doors. Or maybe the home is a log cabin that could only have real wood garage doors to match. While the wood garage door cost could deter consumers, they are worth it, though each project varies in price. A modern home with a natural wood garage can be a wonderful way to pair contemporary architecture with traditional materials.

While faux wood, or wood-look, garage doors are more cost-efficient, true natural wood garage doors are the real thing, and it shows. Real wood is heavy and substantial, making it a good sound barrier from cars passing by or any other outdoor noise. The material also provides sufficient insulation, especially for homes in cold climates.

Wood garage doors are usually made with hardwood, composite materials, or vinyl.

Real wood garage doors are most often completely customized. That means that no other house will have the same garage doors. Wooden garage doors are true works of art. They can be as intricate or as pure and simple as you like. If you take pride in the individuality of your home, then real wood garage doors are a good choice to make your garage stand out.

They come in different panels, ribbed, or flush designs. The wood grain and knots in true wood produce a dramatic and authentic effect. They can come with windows (tempered or frosted), engravings, and in different types of wood and stains. To fully customize the doors, particular hardware, including handles and furnishings, can be added.

Types of wood that are typically used to make garage doors include:

  • Mahogany: this wood has the most visible texture and is quite distinct. It ranges from a light beige to a dark red.
  • Walnut: this is a popular wood for designers and craftsmen. It comes in a dark hue and exudes class and artistry. Because walnut trees have many branches, the wood has many knots that look unique when cut.
  • Cherry: cherrywood is considered easy to work with. It is fine textured and strong and the color ages with time.
  • Oak: oak is a hardwood and as such, is dense and heavy. It is usually a red or reddish-brown color and is known for nice graining.
  • Chestnut: this wood is naturally resistant to insects and fungi, making it a good wood for exterior doors.
  • Cedar: this light-colored wood is also naturally resistant to rot, insects, and decay. It comes in white or red and needs to be stained every few years to maintain its natural look.
  • Fir: fir is a softwood that is also naturally resistant to rot and pests. The wood comes from any coniferous trees but the most popular is the Douglas fir.
  • Luan: luan is a tropical hardwood that comes in plywood form. Luan can be used for paneling in wooden garage doors or in layers.
  • Cypress: cypress comes in a light yellow color with straight grain and medium texture. It is resistant to decay.
  • Redwood: this is the most expensive wood to use for garage doors. It can easily be painted or stained to match the home.

Each type of wood can be painted or stained to match the home’s exterior. But the wood grain and natural look of the material shines through, making the doors look elegant and unique.

There is a level of upkeep, however, to maintain the authenticity of real wood. Garage doors will constantly face elements including snow, wind, rain, and humidity. Wood can get warped with time, swell with moisture, or the coloring can fade from sunlight. Wooden doors need to be sanded and repainted or stained every couple of years. But if you are willing to take good care of your valuable doors, then they are well worth it.

At Thompson Garage Doors, our vendor Amarr provides us with modern wood garage doors in the Biltmore Estate® style and inspired by Bob Timberlake® designs. These doors look great for carriage houses or traditional attached garages. The garage is often the first thing someone sees on a house and wood doors make a great first impression.

Wood garage door costs depend on the type of door and whether the garage is a single, double, triple, or more. You also have to consider installation costs and hardware. Call us today at Thompson Garage Doors to talk about your garage door project or stop by our showroom to see what doors are best for you.

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