Entry Door

Entry Doors

Your front door should not be an afterthought. Not only does it make an impression from the street, enhancing curb appeal, but it also sets the tone for the rest of the home’s interior. An entry door should be architecturally poignant, yet practical. After all, it is the first defense from outside elements.

Thompson Garage Doors offers a variety of exterior doors. Door styles can range from woodgrain Craftsman to industrially modern depending on your home’s design. Front doors can be made from many different materials.

Consider a steel door for a contemporary home that may need better weather protection and resistance to warping. Or a wood door for a home that sits in the forest. Perhaps you would like to include some decorative glass to make your home stand out in the neighborhood. Fiberglass entry doors can withstand any sort of element from wind, rain, intense sun, and snow with little to no maintenance. No matter the material, a home’s curb appeal can be greatly enhanced with a thoughtful front entry door.

Patio doors are also considered entry doors. These interior doors can be French doors, wrought iron with decorative grilles, or arched. The door options are endless. While most patios do not face the street, these doors also make an impact on the rest of the home. Many homeowners spend significant thought on the doors that lead to the outside, and for good reason.

Our experts at Thompson Garage Doors can install our high-quality prehung doors and door frames to ensure a functioning door system as well as guarantee energy efficiency. Come visit our showroom today to choose the right entryway door for your home.