French Doors

French doors are often paneled with glass. Glass doors are best for dining rooms or kitchens as you can see through them unless you opt for frosted glass. Interior French doors can be single doors or double which can add to the overall appearance of your home. Glass doors can make small spaces seem bigger and give a delicate touch to your home.

When it comes to interior and exterior residential doors, being as unique as possible does a lot for decor. While you can make a door ornate using different materials, unique furnishings, and door designs, French doors are doors that will surely turn heads with minimal effort on your part.

Whether the French doors lead to another room or outside, they are a nice architectural touch and can do wonders for home improvement. French doors typically feature clear glass or frosted windows in the upper panels or are full see-through doors which means they can let in some really good light and expand the sense of space in a room. Because French doors are traditionally two doors hinged with an in-swing or out-swing they also provide a more prominent entrance or exit than a regular single door.

French doors can lead to the outside, like to a deck, patio, or yard, or can act as the entryway to a living room or dining room. Additionally, French doors can connect two rooms, providing easy access when open but allowing for privacy when the rooms should be separate. If the French doors lead to the outside, there are fiberglass or glass options that are more energy-efficient, offer better security and protection from weather.

Architecturally, French doors were popular during the Italian Renaissance due to the attention to natural light and symmetry during the time. Because glass was expensive, original French doors featured a lot of little panels with wooden or wrought-iron mullions in between to compensate.

Types of French Door Options and Door Styles

  • Wooden French doors
  • Interior French doors
  • Exterior French doors
  • Steel-framed French doors
  • uPVC French doors, a type of plastic
  • Narrow French doors
  • Accordion, Bifold, or Sliding French doors

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