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Steel Garage Doors

Beautiful, long-lasting and low maintenance, our steel garage doors come in a variety of designs including A, V and X angles with groove panel options. Choose between a paint or wood grain finish, a powder coat finish or textured finish. Insulation can be added on all our steel doors for thermal efficiency, noise reduction, durability, and minimal upkeep.

Steel garage doors come in a variety of styles and designs. The versatile material makes it easy to customize to match your home’s exterior. Steel is long-lasting, durable, and low maintenance. Steel is also affordable, yet still provides an aesthetically-pleasing look.

There are many ways to use steel for garage doors. Because of this, steel garage door designs come in the broadest range of designs, colors, and prices. Painting steel garage doors to whatever color matches your home best is also an option.

Another benefit with steel garage doors is the variety of insulation that can be added. Depending on your home environment, your garage can have no insulation for warmer weather or be fully insulated for colder weather. Thermal efficient garage doors can help bring down energy costs whether you are cooling or heating your home.

There are also steel garage doors specifically designed to protect from high winds. In fact, California, Nevada, and Missouri now require wind-load reinforced garage doors on new homes.

Because steel, as a material, is made from iron and carbon, it can withstand significant loads due to its tensile strength. It is also a considerably affordable material which makes it a favorite among builders. Steel garage doors are made with real-gauge steel that’s normally hot-dipped in zinc which helps prevent rusting. The zinc layer helps the doors withstand the test of time.

Furthermore, steel garage doors can be layered to provide more durability and reduce street and operation noise. Multiple layers of steel also prevent denting, ensuring beautiful garage doors that last. There are three levels of steel thickness for garage doors including:

  • Single layer (pan garage doors): These garage doors are a single layer of steel. As such, they are lightweight, low maintenance, cost efficient, and durable, but can dent easily. They are also not that great at blocking sound.
  • Double layer: These doors have a layer of steel and a layer of insulation providing a noise buffer. Double-layer garage doors are solid and the insulation material, usually polystyrene, is considered an eco-friendly option.
  • Triple layer (sandwich garage door): These garage doors consist of a layer of steel, a layer of thermal insulation, and another layer of steel. Triple-layer doors are the strongest type of steel garage door. The insulation consists of polystyrene which is environmentally friendly. These doors also provide the best sound-proofing from noise on the road.

There are three gauges of steel thickness for garage doors- typically measuring 24 to 26. The lower the gauge, the thicker the steel. Thicker steel tends to have a higher R-value which rates its energy efficiency. Because thicker steel doors have insulation, the home is able to use less energy, which increases the R-value.

Modern steel garage doors come in a variety of groove panel options that can fit A, V, and X angles. In order to truly match your home’s exterior, there are steel garage doors that look like wood. By using paint or wood-grain finish, steel garage doors are highly customizable. A powder-coat or textured finish can further create the desired look. The multitude of colors include bold options for your garage to stand out or subtle options that can make your home blend in with the surrounding landscape.

Modern steel garage doors are considered low maintenance. The material makes it easy to wipe down if it gets dirty and the panels can be replaced if scratched or dented. Even though they come in fashionable designs, these doors are rugged and heavy duty.

Steel doors are perfect for carriage houses or contemporary flush designs. Shapes and patterns can be stamped into the steel, making the garage’s design unique. Here at Thompson Garage Doors, our vendor Amarr has hundreds of steel garage doors to choose from. For instance, the Amarr Classica collection looks like wood but is made of steel. Complete with large windows, these garage doors have a modern look but are exceptionally functional.

Here at Thompson Garage Doors, we want to provide the best type of door for your home and lifestyle. You may love the look of faux wood garage doors. Or maybe you prefer a modern look. Maybe your garage only houses bikes and you need an easy pull-up, single layer steel garage door. Our favorite thing is making customers happy. We can work within your budget and get you the doors that fit your home best.

Stop into our showroom to check out more than 400 doors in stock. Or give us a call to talk about your idea of a perfect garage door.

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