Dock Door

Dock Doors

Thompson Garage Doors has one of the largest inventories of commercial dock doors in Northern Nevada. If a specific application calls for a specialized door that doesn’t quite fit one of our standard models, our highly skilled product team can customize one to fit your needs.

Dock Doors

Your business’s dock door is an important entry and exit point to the facility. It needs to work efficiently while also keeping the heat in and the cold out and able to withstand high wind loads. Out of all doors on a commercial warehouse, the dock door is likely seeing the most opening and closing rate and the most wear and tear.

Loading dock doors will see pallets of products being loaded and unloaded, often with forklifts and other loading dock equipment, which comes with the potential for accidental damage. A dock door should be sturdy enough to withstand bumps and dents. Durability and accessibility are key when it comes to commercial doors.

A good dock door should be made with quality materials, which could mean a high R-value of insulation depending on the facility’s location and to provide better energy efficiency. If the dock door is for a cold storage environment, a well-insulated door will keep the cold in, avoiding high energy costs. A dock door will also always need to work effectively, with high-end parts and accessories to keep it functioning with minimal maintenance.

From warehousing facilities to car washes to manufacturing plants, we can help your business with a variety of door solutions.

Thompson Garage Doors has a wide array of high-performance commercial dock doors from quality vendors built to last. Our door experts can help install, maintain, and repair your business’s dock if needed!

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