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Man Doors

Man doors, also called walk-through or pass doors, are commercial doors that tend to be heavy-duty while providing a high level of security. At Thompson Doors, we supply customers with a wide array of man doors that can fit any business or facility in various industries due to stock in assorted sizes, styles, and configurations.

Man Doors in Schools and Universities
Entry doors can act as doors that open into classrooms or to the outside as exterior doors. These swing doors need to be easy to open as they see heavy traffic of students going in and out, which leads to a good use of double doors. They also need to provide high security to protect the content inside like computers, lab equipment, or other valuable technology. Making sure the door locks are substantial and fool-proof is paramount.

Man Doors as Side Doors
Man doors can also act as entrances or exits in hangar doors, overhead doors, or side doors in warehouses. Oftentimes, businesses with loading docks have large roll-up garage doors that don’t necessarily need to be open all the time. With a side man door, also called a wicket door, employees can enter or exit the facility with ease without always using the business’s front door.

Man Doors as Parking Garage Doors
Another place man doors offer utilitarian use is in parking garages. The steel doors that lead to staircases in parking garages are often facing the street and experience adverse weather conditions. They must be sturdy and durable while providing ease of access. While they don’t necessarily need to have curb appeal, man doors leading to the street can match the facility’s exterior to provide consistency.

Thompson Doors offers a variety of man door styles to fit your business’s needs. By perusing the doors we have in stock at our showroom, you can pick the type of man door that fits your needs best. Customers can pick from a collection of man doors from our vendors Allegion and Steel-Craft Door Product LTD. Our friendly door experts and technicians on staff can help answer any questions you may have and are happy to discuss different door ideas.