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Contemporary Garage Doors

Beauty and elegance are at your fingertips with our large inventory of contemporary garage doors. Modern glass designs allow natural light in while providing you with security and privacy. Glass panel options include Athena and Frenchporte and are available in a variety of colors and textures to create the home of your dreams.

Contemporary means modern, and when it comes to architecture, that can be hard to pin down. Basically, any house that is being built today can be considered contemporary. Contemporary homes, however, are built based on the architecture trends of the 21st century, mainly mid-century and postmodern.

Contemporary homes are similar to mid-century homes in the sense that they are minimalist and built with their surroundings in mind. Modern homes also tend to use sustainable materials as that becomes more and more important to new homeowners. But the reason contemporary homes are special is that they don’t necessarily follow any rules.

Contemporary garage doors come in a variety of colors and styles to match your home’s exterior. Like contemporary home designs, contemporary garage styles can borrow from many different architectural styles. Whether you are building a new home and are planning the look of your garage, or you are remodeling to increase the value of your home, consider contemporary garage doors to make your home unique.

Glass Contemporary Garage Doors

Contemporary garages can be seen made of glass to allow natural light into the space, and are often quite stunning. The glass can be powdered or tinted to produce certain colors, or frosted to offer privacy. Glass garages can also be tempered to withstand the elements. Glass paneling paired with insulation can drive down energy costs in the home while being aesthetically pleasing. Design inlays can also utilize glass to make a pattern stand out. Decor and unique hardware can further draw attention to the door.

Garage doors made of glass are normally paneled and aren’t only for residential garages, either. There is a new trend with bars and restaurants to include a roll-up, contemporary glass garage door to provide outdoor seating when the weather is nice. It can then easily pull down and act as a wall with windows to allow ample lighting.

Aluminum Contemporary Garage Doors

Lightweight aluminum garage doors are also popular choices for contemporary designs. Because there are no restrictions on what a contemporary garage door should look like, the homeowner can be extra creative with colored or textured panels with aluminum or similar material like bronze or wood as the frame. Other doors consist of an aluminum base with a glass mirror overlay. The opportunities are endless and because aluminum is an abundant resource, it is also cost-effective.

Contemporary homes and garages are often characterized by:

  • Individuality/uniqueness
  • Large windows to let in natural light
  • Geometric shapes and minimalist lines
  • Recycled or eco-friendly building materials
  • Wood or stone exterior accents

There are three main styles of contemporary garage doors:

  1. Carriage-Style: these types of doors go on carriage homes which are detached garages that often have a living space about them. While they can look like old Tudor-style carriage homes, many homeowners put a modern spin on the traditional look.
  2. Raised Panel: These doors are made of different panels that are placed within raised frames. These doors can be easily customized with planes of glass or using different materials for the frames. Raised panel garage doors can look striking and unique depending on the colors and materials used.
  3. Slab Doors: these doors consist of a single sheet of material that swings up to open. These doors primarily complement Retro-Modern homes as they were considered unique when they were first included in home architecture.

While homeowners focus on how their homes reflect the contemporary style, they shouldn’t disregard the look of their garage. A garage consists of roughly 40% of the overall home, so it should stand out. Contemporary garage doors are as much of a statement as the rest of the home. In fact, garage doors often stand out as a bold architectural addition.

At Thompson Garage Doors, our vendors include Martin Garage Door and Amarr which supply the doors. Our glass vendors include Athena and Frenchporte and are available in a variety of colors and textures to create the look of your dreams. We also offer installation and 24/7 maintenance services.

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