Security/Storm Doors

Sometimes your home needs a little extra protection. Whether it is from the elements or from intruders, security or storm doors may be necessary to guard your home’s contents.

A security or storm door often has a second panel of shatter-proof, high-tempered glass reinforced with thick steel as the door frame. The hinges are made to be pick-proof by adding vault pins to keep out trespassers and deter break-ins. The exterior panel can also be equipped with a security screen door, allowing for the front door to be open in the warmer months while still providing protection.

While storm doors may only feature an additional exterior glass door, a security door often has vertical bars providing further protection. That way, an intruder cannot simply break the glass, pick the front door lock, and walk in. The security bars do not have to look ugly either. Security door bars can be embellished with leaves, flowers, or different designs that add to curb appeal.

When it comes to security storm doors, you want them to be heavy-duty, high-quality, and aesthetically pleasing. An exterior door, or a door that leads to the outside like a front door or patio door, should have certain safety features in place like a deadbolt for extra security. Every time you leave your home, you should lock it with peace of mind knowing that your doors are offering the best protection.

Come check out the variety of door styles we have in our showroom that will fulfill your security or storm door needs. We also have hardware options that will add to the overall look and feel of the home and provide door installation.