Frosted Glass Doors

Glass doors in the home can do wonders for a space. Glass can bring in natural light and make the room feel bigger. It also lends an artistic feel. Homeowners can decide to customize the glass by adding decorative etching, frosted panes, stained glass, colored glass, and more.

Door designs can be as unique as the homeowner desires with different glazing techniques and frosted patterns. Consider a smoked glass doors interior, an opaque glass door or exterior door complete with a stainless steel door frame to provide durability and custom glass style with frosted glass panels to be energy-efficient and allow for natural light while offering security and protection from the weather. Now that’s a good-looking door!

Frosted glass french doors interior can also enhance two spaces with sliding barn door, interior Frosted French doors, bifold doors, solid wood doors, pocket doors, and more. Not only will unique glass styles enhance your interior design, but it is sure to turn your guests’ heads when they walk through your interior french doors!

Adding to different door styles like frosted glass paneling on french doors, a pantry door or clear glass on the living room’s double doors can greatly contribute to home improvement. In fact, replacing your interior doors provides a solid ROI when selling your house; many homeowners recouped the cost and saw a difference in how the home was received by potential buyers.

Open up the possibilities in any room size with Frosted Glass Doors! The design creates a beautiful translucent surface which allows the dimensions of smaller rooms to appear larger. The decorations and personal touches from within take precedence even through the door’s wall. Optimize your space and make a statement with Frosted Glass Doors for any room: spice up your home, impress a client, or surprise a guest. With frosted glass doors, transform your smaller space into something totally new!

Thompson Doors specializes in a variety of residential doors with glass paneling in multiple sizes; new products are being added to our showroom daily. We also offer expert door installation and door hardware kits and fasteners. Let us help update your interior doors!

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