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Elegant, sophisticated and architecturally attractive, our Mid-Century garage door styles are typically fine-lined, refined and minimalistic. We use uniquely diverse materials to accomplish modern garage door styles such as glass, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, solid woods and composite woods alike.

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Mid-century homes were made famous by architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Joseph Eichler starting in the 1930s and ending in the 1970s. Most notable by clean, geometric lines and flat roofs, mid-century modern homes exude minimalism. By using natural light with overhanging eaves, these architectural masterpieces have a common goal: to live harmoniously with nature. These homes often blend in beautifully with the landscape which makes mid-century modern garage doors just as important as the rest of the build.

Mid-century garage doors can be made with modern materials such as glass, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and composite woods. Each style of door has its own attributes, pros, and cons. The type of door also depends on the individual home’s characteristics, and how each type of mid-century garage door complements the home’s exterior and landscape.

Stylish Designs and Customization Options

Mid-Century Modern Garage Doors Using Glass

Mid-century garage doors made of glass often come with aluminum frames. This helps the doors be lightweight and durable. The glass can be tempered, frosted, powdered, or insulated depending on what environment your home is in. There are also reinforcement options for garages exposed to high wind.

Glass doors are often paneled to allow natural light into the space. They come in a variety of creative designs. Some mid-century garage door designs include clean horizontal lines or stacked windows with aluminum accents. There are a variety of mid-century garage door ideas to choose from including using different colored glass and unique color overlay with faux wood.

Steel gray single and double garage door with H-plank design and glazed windows

Stainless Steel Mid-Century Modern Garage Doors

Stainless steel can be used on modern garage doors to create a contemporary look. Architects in the mid-century began using more technology-based materials in contemporary builds like stainless steel. Stainless steel doors can be a single panel with etched designs like fine lines, diamonds, squares, circles, and more, creating a sophisticated, stylish feel.

Stainless steel is highly durable. It can withstand high temperatures, which helps it resist corrosion. It is a bright and easily maintained surface, making it favorable for architects and designers. It is a metal with a price tag, however, making some consumers choose a cheaper material to minimize building costs.

Axolotl design double garage door in Anthra Zinc color by Amarr Doric

Mid-Century Modern Garage Doors Using Aluminum

Aluminum is often used for designs and inlays on mid-century modern garage doors. Aluminum designs can complement a mid-century door by adding more artistic style. Using this material on wooden or faux wood garage doors is common to provide accents on garage doors for modern homes.

Aluminum is a versatile metal that can be manipulated into complex mid-century garage door designs. Because it is thin and lightweight, it is easy to work with. It is also a corrosion-resistant metal and can protect the material of the door, especially if it is a valuable wood.

Amarr Lunar Treasury Bronze Pearl Patina Double Garage Door with Axolotl design.

Mid-Century Modern Garage Doors Using Copper

Using copper for modern accents on garage doors can also change the look and feel of a home. While full copper doors are possible, and can truly be show stoppers, the amount of precious metal necessary is often above homeowners’ price ranges. Copper is more often used to accent certain designs in the door or to highlight and outline the windows.

If you do like the look of a full copper door, our vendor Martin Door offers copper garage door options including long, short, and groove panels, as well as full ribbed or flush options. The copper will naturally patina over time, creating a vintage look that will complement mid-century architecture. Martin Door copper garage doors pair beautifully with antique hardware.

Axolotl design double garage door in Anthra Zinc color by Amarr Doric

Mid-Century Modern Garage Doors Using Composite Wood

Composite wood is a valuable material for garage doors as it is eco-friendly, durable, low maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing. Composite wood is made with recycled materials including wood scraps and plastics. Garage doors using composite wood come in rich colors and look like real wood.

Other pros include durability. Composite wood, unlike true wood, will not warp, mold, or absorb water. It is also splinterless, which is another benefit over wood. Finally, composite wood requires little to no maintenance. The material is hardy and there is no need to restain, sand, or paint composite wood garage doors.

Mid-century homes are made complete with an accompanying garage. The garage is an important part of the entire home’s aesthetics, and garage door materials matter. Here at Thompson Garage Doors, we have plenty of mid-century garage door ideas and can help you choose the right one for your home.

Come visit our showroom to choose from over 400 garage doors in stock. This allows you to feel the material of the door while being absolutely sure it will accent your home design.

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