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Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are great options for small spaces. Instead of swinging out like traditional doors, bifold doors fold into themselves which allows for the door to open and close laterally. Bifold doors are perfect for closet doors, pantry doors, and doors for the laundry area.

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Because this type of interior door is a folding door, they can have different types of door panels and made of a variety of materials. They can be wood doors, with a solid or hollow core, depending on what area they are enclosing. They can also be a variety of styles such as French doors or even full glass. Pine bifold doors can provide a rustic touch while a primed flat accordion door can offer a traditional feel. Louvered doors feature slats and are typical for closets and pantry doors while frosted-panel bifold doors look great blocking pantries.

Bifold doors are an easy option for home improvement and can help brighten a space. At Thompson Doors, we have a variety of bifold door options to choose from. Our expert installers can help with door hardware and ensure the door is inserted properly.