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Commercial Sectional

Commercial Sectional

When it comes to high-performance, heavy-duty steel garage doors for commercial or industrial use, you want the best brands and the best technicians. Thompson Garage Doors has one of the largest inventories of commercial sectional doors in Northern Nevada and a team of highly-trained experts on staff to ensure installation and maintenance of your business’s doors.

Commercial Sectional Doors

Thompson Garage Doors offers customers a variety of door sizes and designs to fit a business’s unique requirements. If a specific application calls for a specialized door that doesn’t quite fit one of our standard models, our highly-skilled product team can customize one to fit your needs.
Industrial applications for large commercial garage doors typically include warehouse loading docks, automotive service doors, storage facilities, or even as roll-up doors for a retail or restaurant space that is easy to open up in warmer weather.

Commercial overhead doors can be ribbed or smooth, with or without insulation, windowless, or as aluminum full-view doors providing visual access into the business.

Depending on the application, commercial sectional steel doors can have various levels of energy efficiency or R-values with different amounts of polyurethane insulation. They can withstand various temperatures, weather conditions, and wind load, especially if they serve a purpose that needs to withstand harsh elements.

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Whether you’re looking for security grilles, rolling steel doors, sectional garage doors, or residential doors, we have what you need.

Call for a quote or visit our showroom to pick out the doors and door products that fit your industry or business best.