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Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow metal doors are the best and most economical option when it comes to commercial doors. Metal doors are typically made from reinforced stainless steel sheets placed in hollow metal frames which make them lightweight for ease of use but durable and heavy-duty to protect from vandals and adverse weather conditions if they face the exterior.

Quality-Made and Longer-Lasting

Standard steel doors are typically 1 ¾ inches thick with insulation made from polystyrene, kraft honeycomb, or polyurethane. Because they are made from metal, our doors are easily painted to match the interior or exterior of your business. Our options include stainless steel doors with panels, windows, vent louvers, or flush.

Commercial steel doors last at least 10 years longer than wood doors and doors made from fiberglass. They are also easier to clean, making them more sanitary options for commercial bathrooms. Paired with metal door frames, our metal doors look uniform, professional, stay functional for years to come, and are cost-efficient.

Safe and Effective

As fire-rated doors, our commercial steel doors can keep flames at bay, even with significant temperature rise, for at least three hours. Furthermore, our vendor Steel-Craft Door Production LTD uses steel that meets the guidelines of the Steel Door Institute (SDI) and the National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers (NAMM). That means our hollow metal doors and steel frames have gone through rigorous performance testing and are made from safe, quality materials.

When it comes to top-quality commercial hollow metal doors, Thompson Doors has a variety of options to choose from. Customers can visit our showroom to pick the doors and door hardware that best fits their needs. Whether you need custom sizes or have a special request like an embossed design, there’s a good chance we can accommodate.