Interior Barn Door

Interior Barn Doors

Classic barn doors inside the home can transform a space into a rustic masterpiece. An interior sliding barn door can take the place of bathroom, pantry, laundry room, or closet doors or act as a partition or room divider for a large space like a living room or dining room. They can be made of natural, knotty barn wood, or even glass, and be creatively paneled. The possibilities for decor are endless.

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Interior barn doors can bring a little of the outside in. They provide an aesthetic appeal, a focal point, to a room that may be quite plain. Because interior doors can vary in color, material, and design, they are highly customizable to help make your home look exactly the way you imagine. Consider a wood door with chevron paneling or even chalkboard for a children’s room. There are many ways for homeowners to get creative with barn doors!

Here at Thompson Doors, we have many different high-quality options and door styles to choose from. From knotty alder to knotty pine, we have solid wood options that can bring a touch of nature to your interior decor. Alternatively, we also have options for stainless steel and even glass barn doors that can help with home improvement.

Our professional door installers can help with barn door hardware and set up the door’s sliding track. We will ensure that the barn door slab is the correct door width for your home and that it functions correctly. A wood barn door may be just what your home design needs. Whether you want a sliding door, a door on hangers, French doors, or swinging doors, our experts can help install the correct door track.