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Metal Frame Door

Metal Door Frames

Designed for institutional, commercial and industrial application, Thompson Garage Doors offers an impressive selection of hollow metal door frames for virtually any wall condition or entryway requirement.

Hollow metal door frames are built to fit any size opening in any type of wall from masonry to wood to steel. Depending on the application, there will be a variety of options for frame depth and wall thickness. Each door installation requires the correct accessories depending on the wall anchor such as punch and dimple anchors, sill anchors, sleeve anchors, masonry strap anchors, wire/T-strap anchors, compression anchors, base anchors, or universal stud anchors.

Whether you are starting from the ground up and installing new doors in a new build, or you need a steel door frame replacement in your beautiful home, we have what you need. From standard 3 Piece KD Knock Down frames in both drywall and concrete block wall sizes to a custom fit, you’ll find it at Thompson Doors.

And it helps to have a professional by your side. At Thompson Garage Doors, we have plenty of heavy-duty doors and door frames to fit your home style or commercial business. The best part is we will install your doors so you don’t have to. Visit our showroom to see what door frames we have available and we can help with installation.