Security Grilles

Our durable rolling security grilles offer security, visibility, and ventilation in a variety of patterns and finishes for commercial, industrial, retail, and institutional applications including for storefronts, school corridors, healthcare settings, parking garages, and other highly trafficked areas. If you need to securely separate two spaces but still need airflow and visual access, our rolling security grilles keep areas off-limits, require little to no maintenance, and can be configured to meet your desired aesthetic.

While the primary application of a security gate is to protect interior spaces, the design is something to take into consideration. By offering a variety of patterns and optional colors, your security gate can match your business. Whether it is a gate in a shopping mall or an open-air storefront that must withstand harsh weather conditions, we have the rolling door for you.

Our vendors offer rolling grille doors that are heavy-duty and come in various materials such as stainless steel, solid aluminum, or polycarbonate with a clear anodized finish for a shine that stands the test of time. Furthermore, we provide advanced performance hardware like high cycle electric motors to keep your door functional even in adverse weather conditions.

From upward coiling security grilles to accordion doors to side-folding grilles, our gates can fit the dimensions of your business. Thompson Garage Doors has a showroom for customers to come see our entire product line available today to choose the security door that’s right for your needs.