Garage Door Repair or Replacement? Make the Right Decision in 2024

Garage Door Repair or Replacement? Make the Right Decision in 2024

A sturdy, well-maintained garage door can be the difference between a secure, energy-efficient home and one vulnerable to break-ins, weather damage, and higher energy bills.

But what happens when your garage door shows signs of wear and tear? Should you repair the existing door or replace it entirely?

Usually, the choice comes down to the door’s condition, existing warranties, your budget, and what you gain from either option. Some garage door problems have quick fixes, while others cost more to repair than to replace.

Thompson Garage Doors has assisted thousands of Reno homeowners with their garage door needs. In this post, we’ll help you determine whether you should fix your old garage door or get a new garage door.

Table Of Content

1. Understanding Your Garage Door
2. Assessing the Garage Door Damage
3. Repairing Your Garage Door
4. Garage Door Replacement Considerations
5. Energy Efficiency and Security
6. How to Make the Right Decision
7. Hiring a Garage Door Professional
8. Get Reliable Garage Door Repair and Replacement Today!

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Understanding Your Garage Door

Firstly, the type of garage door you have impacts how it operates and what issues it might face. For example:

  • Sectional doors consist of panel sections connected by hinges. They can face problems like broken springs or misaligned tracks.
  • Roll-up doors might encounter issues with their roll-up mechanisms or rust in Reno’s dry weather conditions.
  • Side-hinged doors resemble traditional barn doors and can have problems with their hinges or alignment.
  • Slide-to-the-side doors are designed for garages with limited headroom but can suffer from track or roller issues.
  • Tilt-Up canopy and retractable doors are made of a single solid piece. They can face balancing issues or problems with their pivot mechanism.

That said, common issues that almost all garage doors face include:

  • Trouble opening or closing
  • Blocked sensors
  • Broken springs
  • Roller issues
  • Dead (or dying) garage door opener
  • Unusual noises
  • Uneven door

In some cases, a small fix – like swapping out batteries or changing springs – can get your garage door back in action. But when the damage is big, and the door struggles to open or close, it might be time to consider replacement garage doors.

Assessing the Garage Door Damage

Before you decide whether to repair or replace your garage door system, look out for these tell-tale warning signs:

  • Strange Noises: Unusual creaks, grinding sounds, or excessive vibration might indicate underlying issues.
  • Tough to Open or Close: The existing garage door might not operate correctly because of a broken cable or opener.
  • Visible DamageDents, scratches, or general wear on your garage door can impact its functionality.
  • Slow MovementSometimes, your garage door will open and close, but at a snail’s pace. This is usually a sign of dried-out rollers or dirty tracks.

Repairing Your Garage Door

When your garage door starts acting up, don’t rush to replace it. Often, you’ll find it more economical to fix the problem instead of installing a new door:

Here’s when garage door repair in Reno makes sense:

  • Cosmetic Damage: Minor wear and tear, like scratches and dents, can be repaired.
  • Faulty ComponentsYou can replace broken or worn-out elements like hinges, rollers, springs, or cables to restore your door to full functionality.
  • Track MisalignmentHas your garage door come off its tracks? It likely needs a track adjustment and correct reseating- not a replacement.
  • Insulation and Sealing ProblemsYou can improve your garage door’s seal with new weatherstripping and insulation for better energy efficiency.

For most of these situations, repairs can be cost-effective and extend your door’s lifespan. However, consider the door’s age and condition- sometimes, a new door is a better investment.

Now for the age-old question- should you repair your garage door yourself or call for commercial garage door repair in Reno?

DIY garage door repair can cut costs and let you fix issues on the spot. However, messing with heavy doors and springs can be dangerous. One wrong step could mean bigger problems or voided warranties.

With professionals, you get the job done safely and correctly, often with warranties for peace of mind. Sure, it costs more, and you’ll need to fit their schedule, but for complex or hazardous issues, it’s the smarter, safer option.

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Garage Door Replacement Considerations

Consider replacing your garage door if:

  • There’s Long-Term Structural Damage: If your garage door has been damaged for a while, you’ll probably need a replacement. What looks like surface damage can cause a lot of strain on the door’s structure and mechanical parts. If this has been going on for a while, it could have harmed the door’s workings so much that your best choice is to get a new one.
  • Multiple Panels are Damaged: Cracked or rotting panels usually signal extensive damage that’s easier to address with a new door.
  • It’s Old and Needs Frequent Repairs: Garage doors typically last between 15 to 30 years, depending on the materials and how often they’re used. If you find yourself regularly paying for repairs, investing in a new door might save you money in the long run.
  • You’re Concerned About Safety: Older doors lack modern safety features like alarm systems and auto-reverse mechanisms.
  • It Doesn’t Match Your Home’s Aesthetic: Your garage door takes up a significant portion of your home’s exterior. If it’s outdated or doesn’t fit your home’s style, replacing it can significantly improve curb appeal.
  • You Want Modern Features: New garage doors offer features like smartphone connectivity, quieter operation, and better durability.

A new garage door can transform your exteriors, boost security, and improve energy efficiency. Call Thompson Garage Doors today for premium garage door installations that breathe new life into your home.

Energy Efficiency and Security

These days, we’re all looking for clever ways to cut costs and save energy. But while you’re busy turning off lights and fine-tuning your heating, there’s one thing you might be forgetting: your garage door.

Upgrading to a new garage door can enhance your home’s energy efficiency. A well-insulated door keeps your garage warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Plus, it seals better against the elements, keeping drafts and moisture out.

Lower heating bills aside, a new garage door can secure your home against potential security threats. Modern garage doors are built with stronger materials and have advanced locking systems that make it tougher for intruders to break in.

How to Make the Right Decision

Not sure whether you should repair or replace your garage door? Here are a few pros and cons to consider:

Garage Door Repair

Pros: Repairing is often quicker and more affordable than replacing. It’s ideal for fixing small issues like damaged springs or sensors.

Cons: Frequent repairs can add up, costing more in the long run. Moreover, repairs don’t address aesthetic issues or outdated technology.

Garage Door Replacement

Pros: Replacing a garage door gives you a 102.7% ROI. Put simply, it can increase your home’s resale value by a bit more than what you spent- which means you’ll get your money back, plus a modest profit.

Cons: The initial investment for a new door is significantly higher than a repair.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your specific needs. Do you just want to fix a problem, improve how your garage door works, or give it a new look? Once you know what matters to you, you can direct your decisions better.

Consider your budget too. Repairs might need to be redone later, while a new door can be a one-time cost with long-term benefits.

Also, think about your plans. If you’re staying in your home for many years, a new garage door with the latest features and a fresh start might be worth it. But if you’re not staying long or need to watch your spending, we recommend you go for targeted repairs.

To make the best choice, talk to the garage door experts at Thompson Garage Doors. We can check out your current door, tell you about new features and styles, and help you understand the costs and benefits of both fixing and replacing.

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Hiring a Garage Door Professional

Regardless of whether you choose to repair or replace your garage door, it’s important to pick the right professional for the job. You want someone trustworthy, skilled, and with a proven track record of excellence.

Start by researching contractors. Look for those with good reviews and a solid reputation. Check their history, services offered, and any customer feedback available online or through local recommendations.

When you’re ready to talk to them, ask the right questions. Find out about their experience, especially with your type of garage door. Ask if they’re licensed and insured. Also, inquire about warranties or guarantees they offer on their work. It’s important to know you’re covered if something doesn’t go as planned.

Or skip the search and hire Thompson Garage Doors! Having been in the business since 1957, we have been famed for providing fast and reliable garage door repairs and replacements. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, and we go the distance to ensure your garage door functions seamlessly.

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A functional garage door is crucial to your home’s well-being. So, when choosing between garage door repair and replacement, take the time to assess your situation and understand your options. Don’t hesitate to seek expert advice if you’re unsure- professionals can help demystify the process and help tailor a situation that fits your unique needs and budget.

Give your garage door the attention it deserves with Thompson Garage Door’s reliable garage door repair and replacement services. Contact us today!