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When adding a garage door to your new home or replacing your existing garage door, you’ll want to take into account a variety of factors. What kind of doors are you looking for both aesthetically and practically? What color do you want the doors to be? And another question, how big do you want your doors to be?

There are a variety of standard garage door sizes but with more and more homes being custom-built to the homeowner, the choices for garages are vast. Whether you need a four-car garage or custom-sized doors to accommodate RVs, boats, or other large vehicles, the world of garage door sizes is yours to choose from. 

Standard Garage Doors

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The standard garage door size for a single-car garage is 8 feet wide by 7 feet tall, or 9 feet wide by 7 feet tall. A double garage door is typically 16 feet by 7 feet. 

However, oddly enough, the common garage door sizes can actually vary depending on where you live. This is because there are different size standards depending on what residents require. In Florida, for example, a standard garage door is nine feet by eight feet for single-car garage doors and 16 by eight feet for double garage doors. Likely because there is more need for a boat to fit in the garage!

As far as how thick standard garage doors can be, it depends on the insulation. There are many factors to consider with insulation. If you live on a busy street and your garage is connected to your home, a more insulated garage door makes sense.

A more insulated garage door also contributes to the R-value of the door, how much heat stays in during the winter and how much cold air stays inside during the summer months. Basically, a better-insulated garage door helps with energy conservation. 

Custom Garage Doors

Obviously, the world is your oyster when it comes to custom-sized garage doors. Most custom doors are 10 feet high but can be custom sized depending on configurations. A higher garage door can allow for bigger vehicles, roof racks, boats, recreational vehicles, side by sides, and more. 

Curb Appeal

Choosing the right new garage door can completely change the look and feel of your house. Not only can you choose the material from steel to natural wood but you can also choose the door configuration. 

The nice thing is that a single door versus a double door does not necessarily mean it costs less. Two single doors are nearly the same cost as a double door. The only difference is that two single doors will require two separate garage door openers and subsequent maintenance. 

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Again, energy efficiency is good to keep in mind. A single door will use less energy when opened as less hot or cold air will escape the home. But double doors can add a certain design aesthetic that you might want to consider. 

The beauty of garage door style is that it’s yours to design! Plus, new garage doors are a great home improvement project. The ROI in an updated garage door is 93.8% according to Remodeling’s Key Trends in the 2021 Cost vs. Value Report

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If you have a certain design idea in mind for a garage door but don’t know where to start, give us a call! Plus, we can help you with either a custom-sized door or a standard-sized door to fit your needs. 

Avoid the hassle of pulling out the tape measurer and the step ladder and then risking ordering the wrong size door. Plus, you realize that it’s not just measuring the door height and width and then ordering. You’ll need to measure the garage depth, the headroom (interior space above the garage door), and the side room (interior side space from door to wall) for accurate door dimensions. 

Sound like too much work? Let us help you get the right-sized garage door for your home. We are easy to work with and great at what we do. As experts in garage door repair and garage door installation, we can help you with your garage door needs.

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