Titan Security Doors

We offer a variety of products from Titan Security for your home, including storm doors, window screens, patio screen doors, and other types of security doors. Titan’s Meshtec screen doors are top-of-the-line and built to not only withstand the elements but look great at the same time. All Titan Security products are designed with innovative technology that ensures the highest level of security and protection while remaining aesthetically pleasing. With a range of finishes available, you can be sure to find the perfect product to match your home. The quality and craftsmanship of their products are unparalleled and they are backed by an industry-leading warranty for added peace of mind. With Titan Security, you can trust that your security and home aesthetic needs are taken care of.

Titan Security Products

Titan’s product range includes security doors, shutters, grilles and barriers that can be used to secure external points of access or egress. Their security and screen entry doors, as well as window screens, are offered in their Premium Security or Meshtec.

Ultimate Security Door

A Titan security door can be used on front doors, a patio screen door on a hinge or that slides open, side doors, or any other external-facing door. Their Meshtec screen door offers fantastic ventilation, full view, fire resistance, insect control, UV protection, and resists wear and tear from pets.

Premium Security Screen & Storm Doors

Titan premium security doors and Titan Meshtec security screen doors come in 40 different designs and 12 in-demand colors that are meant to bring your home’s aesthetic and value up to new heights. The Titan storm door, Titan screen doors, and Meshtec doors are built with strength and durability in mind, being up to six times stronger than steel and absolutely resistant to rust. There are six standard sizes available, or you can choose to go the custom route with either Meshtec or glass.

Reach Out Today For Titan Premium Security Doors

All of the Titan Security products Thompson Garage offers comes with their Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty and Rust-Free and Home Protection Guarantees. We are proud to offer Titan’s products because they are the best security door solution, with the most comprehensive product offering available. If you are looking for ways to enhance security, aesthetic, home value, or all of the above, get in touch with us today to talk about how a Titan security door can achieve that goal.


Titan Security Screen Doors FAQs

What does Titan Security do?

Titan Security is a major company providing security staff and services in the United States. Titan Security provides a broad suite of security products and services, such as security monitoring, security surveillance, security automation, and security monitoring systems.

How much is a screen for a window?

The cost of replacing the movable windows screen will range from $20-150. The average window screen is usually replaced by screens that move in different directions based primarily around 30-40 feet. Retractable windows can cost anywhere from $25-$125 each.

Are patio screen doors standard size?

A typical screen door is 32 – 38 inches wide and 72 to 80 inches high. Alternatively, a sliding glass door can have the screen.

How secure is Meshtec screen?

Meshtec premium mesh is produced with high-tensile stainless steel manufactured in our highly modern factory. Our product line provides a unique resistance against intrusion from burglary and intruders. Our product is more durable than mosquito screens which are commonly adapted for windows.

Are security screen doors worth it?

Security screen doors provide a comfortable solution for any household. Although these security measures may be more costly than others, they remain worthwhile. It’ll last a long time and it provides a protective layer to your house. There’s one type of safety but many are more useful.