What is a Man Door?

What is a Man Door?

A man door is an additional door intended for people to walk through that’s often seen in a commercial, industrial, or school or hospital building. Oftentimes a man door is next to an overhead door to allow access in addition to the equipment or loading dock.

Benefits of Man Doors

Man doors need to be easy to walk in and out of, hence the push bar and the fact that they are often double doors. They also need to be heavy-duty as the traffic going in and out of an exterior door is high either by employees or students or patients. A lot of industrial or commercial businesses require a man door for employees to use instead of the equipment garage door.

Security is also the main attraction of man doors. Since man doors are often seen at the entrances of schools and hospitals, they need to be able to be locked and secured easily and offer a level of safety. This is why man doors are often fiberglass or steel doors. While they must be heavy-duty they also need to offer ease of functionality. 

Other Names for Man Doors

Oftentimes a man door is actually built into the garage door, but even if it’s not, basically the main criteria is that it needs to be a swing-style door. 

Other names for these types of doors are:

  • pass-through door
  • access door
  • wicket door
  • swing door
  • pedestrian door 

Uses for Man Doors


Man doors are great for school building entrances so kids and staff can go in and out easily and quickly to keep the traffic flowing through. Not only are man doors good entry doors but they are also good for hallways as interior doors to open and close throughways but also to keep the flow of traffic through the school moving efficiently. 


Hospitals are also good places for man doors at entrances as the front door, and also in hallways for the same reason as in schools. These types of doors are good to push through without touching doorknobs or handles since they open by pushing and can swing closed by themselves. Again, these doors are used for high-traffic areas while still offering a level of security, cleanliness, and efficiency.


Man doors are also good to use in industrial and commercial settings like factories, warehouses, breweries, and so much more. Man doors can be built into the loading dock door or as a side door to allow easy access into the warehouse so that employees don’t have to use the large main doors.

Not only are man doors safer for employees but they are also energy efficient so that the temperatures inside the warehouse don’t fluctuate too much by opening and closing the main loading dock doors. 

Most man doors are basically man-sized doors cut into bigger commercial doors!

Residential Garages

Finally, man doors can also be used in a residential capacity. A man door installed in a residential garage door can be a good way for homeowners to get in or out of the garage without opening the garage door. 

The benefits of a man door in a residential capacity are the same: they help conserve energy and are safer to walk through than a garage door. They can even offer a level of curb appeal that may set a home apart from the rest on the street!

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