Pocket Doors

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are great for conserving space, but that doesn’t mean style should be compromised! A pocket door slides into the wall which means it doesn’t need a large area on each side to swing like a traditional hinged door, often saving as much as 10 square feet in floor space. The sliding doors are hidden as they slide into a metal or wood cage, or pocket door frame, in the walls that support them on a gliding overhead track. Pocket doors are as convenient as they can be elegant.

Pocket doors, like most interior doors, can be made of solid wood or with a hollow core depending on their use. For example, pocket doors blocking a bathroom might require more soundproofing which solid doors would provide while pocket doors separating the kitchen and the dining room can be hollow core.

Adding new doors to any home interior can immediately add aesthetic value to the house. High-quality interior doors replacing generic ones can be a cheap and easy way to remodel the entire look and feel of a home. They are a great space-saving idea for home improvement!

Pocket doors are perfect for small spaces like bathrooms, closets, pantries, and for dividing rooms like the kitchen and dining room or splitting the living room, as they were traditionally used for in Victorian architecture. They can be made of various materials and different colors that match your home’s interior. Consider barn door styles, different panel options, or French door windows for your pocket doors to add some detail to your home’s interior. The options are endless!

At Thompson Doors, we have what you need. Furthermore, our expert installers can ensure you have the correct hardware from hangers to nylon rollers, and that your door systems fit and work seamlessly, quietly, and precisely. Installing pocket doors is our specialty. Come visit our showroom today to see what sliding pocket doors we have in stock!