8550_CW_detailLiftmaster has announced a $20. consumer mail-in rebate on their top operator, the 8550.  The 8550 is a belt drive unit with a D.C. motor and built in battery backup system.  The Belt drive and D.C. motor combine to make it their quietest operator, and the built in battery powers the unit to open the door even if the electricity is out.  This rebate is double their earlier fall rebate.

As an added bonus, Liftmaster is also adding an 825LM Remote light control to each $20. rebate.  The 825LM plugs into an electrical outlet inside the house, and then a lamp can be plugged into it.  When the garage door opener is activated, the lamp will turn on, so the homeowner never enters a dark house when coming in from the garage.

Come by Thompson’s showroom at 171 South 18th St. to operate the 8550 on display and see how quiet it really is.