garage door lubricant

Do you cringe every time you open your garage door? Are you tired of hearing that nails-on-chalkboard squeaking sound whenever you leave your house and then again when you come home? There’s an easy DIY solution to such a headache. Lubrication!

Applying the right garage door lube to the right garage door parts may be all it needs to open and close smoothly. Not only will garage door lubrication make your garage door quieter, but it will also prevent rust and extend the life of the equipment. 

There are a lot of lubricants on the market, and while all do their job, Thompson Garage Door makes a lubricant made specifically for garage doors. Because garage doors are our specialty, we formulated a lubricant that is best for garage door chains and other areas where metal parts are rubbing on other metal components like operator locks, garage door rollers, chains, sprockets, cables, hinges, garage door springs, electrical contact switches, terminals, and more. 

Our lube can really be used to lubricate any type of garage door part!

Our #400 Lube will penetrate frozen parts, threads, bearings, and all other metal on an overhead door preventing rust, corrosion, and buildup of dust and dirt which can prevent proper functioning of all types of doors and operators. 

Thompson Garage Door Lubricant is quick-drying and free of silicones, which helps to avoid the hard film and messy residue that is left behind from silicone spray. Plus, the film left over becomes a lubricant for joints, guarding against fretting corrosion. With a special three-way nozzle, you can get into all the nooks and crannies with this versatile non-silicone lubricant. 

The formula is made for heavy-duty applications to improve your garage door operation and prolong the life of all its components and moving parts. Thompson Garage Door Lubricant provides a thick coating that will stand up to wear and tear, perfect for residential and commercial garage door systems. 

The pliable, firm coating has a polar attraction to metal surfaces and does not crack or age-harden. The dried coating is not flammable and helps protect electrical connections and wiring while preventing galvanic corrosion. It is also noninjurious to materials found in vehicle construction and to paints, making it a safe alternative to other lubes on the market.

When you take care of your garage door components by lubricating them when they get squeaky, you will be saving yourself money in the long run. Maintenance is key to avoid rust and corrosion, and a handy bottle of Thompson Lubricant can help. 

The #400 Lube is recommended especially for ferrous metals but protects and lubricates all metal surfaces. One application is usually sufficient for one year or longer, preventing unnecessary and expensive callbacks due to improper operation of moving parts. 

Give us a call to learn more about the best garage door lubricant on the market or come pick up a spray can in stock at our showroom. Get ready to say goodbye to a screeching door!

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