thompson studebaker truck

Thompson Garage Doors has over 60 years of experience in their field. What better way to advertise than on a 1952 Studebaker? Thompson Garage Doors has served the Reno/Tahoe community since 1957 and their vintage truck is a great way to represent their brand while turning heads around town! 

Let’s learn a little more about Thompson and Studebaker.


Studebaker was an automobile company founded in 1852 in Bend, Indiana and first built coaches, wagons, and horse carriages. They entered the automotive industry in 1902, first with electric vehicles and then gasoline-powered cars in 1904. Their first successful marketing campaign took off in 1912 and over the next 50 years the Studebaker name built a reputation based on quality, durability, and reliability… much like Thompson Garage Doors! 

thompson studebaker truck

1952 Studebaker 2R5 ½-Ton 

The vintage truck that Thompson drives is a fully-restored Studebaker 2R5 ½-ton pickup truck which they inherited from the original owner with all its original parts. Designed by Bob Bourke, the 2R series were economical, practical pickup trucks that featured a recognizable retro style. While not the most powerful truck built in the 1940s, it still featured a 245-cid six cylinder engine, proving it to have ample and efficient power in the light-duty truck category.

Studebaker trucks are known as the first retro-styled trucks. They turned heads back in the 1950s and continue to do so today!

thompson studebaker truck

Thompson Garage Doors

Thompson Garage Doors was founded in Reno, Nevada in 1957. Specializing in residential and commercial doors from the beginning, Thompson found its niche in the community by installing, repairing, and maintaining local garage doors. 

The employees at Thompson Garage Doors are car enthusiasts, evidenced not only by their 1952 Studebaker. In 2004, the Thompson team went to the famous Bonneville Salt Flats Race Track and broke the speed record driving a 1927 Ford Modified Roadster clocking in at 194.555 miles per hour. 

2004 bonneville speed record

The team of 20 employees go out to the Bonneville salt flats near Wendover, Utah every year to try to beat the speed record again and they’ve been doing it a long time. Their driver Mike Raymond is now 76 years old and still drives pretty fast. And their mechanic Chris Clements makes sure the car stays together for the week in the desert! 

Look out for the Thompson Studebaker around town and go check out the Bonneville World of Speed September 10-13, 2021. And if you need some new garage doors, residential or commercial, service, or repair don’t hesitate to reach out!