Restroom partitions may be the last thing on your mind when it comes to setting up a business but everyone needs to use the bathroom and the stalls need to have doors!

Here at Thompson Doors, we work with customers large and small to supply them with toilet partitions whether it’s a small business with a handful of stalls or a large corporation that has multiple restrooms. We also work with city officials and parks and recreation departments to install the highest quality and most cost-efficient partition doors for public restrooms and are familiar with ADA requirements regarding handicap stalls.

Bathroom stalls should be made with a sterile partition material like stainless steel, solid plastic, plastic laminate, solid phenolic, or powder-coated steel. The partition material is important as it should be easy to clean yet stable and long-lasting while also being resistant to vandalism.

While we supply bathroom partitions for public, small business, and commercial bathrooms, we do not install restroom stall doors nor offer restroom accessories like urinals, urinal screens, hand dryers, toilet holders, soap dispensers, partition hardware, or replacement parts.

Visit our showroom to see what restroom partitions we have in stock. With multiple color and material divider options, we can help you build the best-looking bathroom for your business!


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